7 Common Mistakes Parents of Twins Make

Having twins is no easy job. For the first months, a lot of parents struggle to find footing. If you happen to be working, it can be much tougher because the world won’t stop because you’ve had a baby. To make things easier on you, I have compiled seven mistakes I and a lot of other twin parents made soon after having our double babies. Luckily, you do not have to go through this learning process as our mistakes are already laid for you. Happy reading!

  1. Not napping: I put this so high on the list because, in my opinion, it is one of the worst things you can do. It is not easy to parent twins and this is the fact. In fact, it is not easy to parent at all. It consumes you and gets worse when you have to do two at a time. However, one of the best things you can do for yourself, your babies, and everyone who comes in contact with you is nap. Remember that you can only take care of them properly when you are okay. Leave the dishes and sneak a quick one. For the first few years after I had my twins, my house was definitely not as clean as it used to be before them. Rest whenever you can. When your babies are napping, sneak a quick one. The world will not end.
  2. Getting the wrong diaper bag: If you have ever underestimate diaper bags, you will atone for your sins soon after having twins. They are lifesavers and extreme necessities. A lot of parents do not know there are diaper bags for twins. Rather, they buy big diaper bags that are just large sizes meant for single babies. Diaper bags for twins are built to accommodate twins. You can never compare twin diaper bags with large diaper bags for single kids. If you have twins, invest in a quality one that does the work of two. You won’t regret it. Your diaper bag should have wet pockets, insulated pockets, mesh pockets, large main pockets, zipper compartments, and small compartments for snacks, keys, mobile, and other things. Here are some of the best diaper bags for twins on the market.
  3. Refusing help: If there was any such thing as a stingy much, I was it. I had had my twins after a long period of waiting and so I was determined to do it right. I accepted no help at all. Even when I was dying inside, I refused help. Don’t be that parent. Let people you trust help you. If grandma, uncles, aunts, or family friends want to babysit, let them. You could use a little nap time and some extra time to get your life in order as much as you can. Say yes.
  4. Listening to the shamers: The shamers will always be there pointing out your errors and mistakes. Do not listen to them. Take in a deep breath and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. Besides, you are not with them 24/7 are just really good at masking their own problems. Do not listen to them.
  5. Trying to follow the textbook approach: Parenting is a curious thing. There is no one approach that works for all. Each human being is different. You may find out that one method suits one twin and not the other. While it is good to read parenting books realize that they do not know your child at all; you do. Trust your gut and do what you feel is right. Your parental instinct will help you out. Listen to your babies and make decisions you can trust.
  6. Ignoring the other kids: If you have had other kids prior to having twins, show them as much love as possible. Get them a little something each time to go out and don’t forget to say you love them.
  7. Ignoring your partner: Children can bring partners together. However, they can also break them apart. Ever so often, try to spend a little alone time with your partner. Let them know you love them. Schedule dates and time alone without any children. Don’t let the spark die; it goes a long way while relating with the youngsters as well.

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