How To Keep A Straight Smile After Braces

Congratulations, you have your braces out. You are finally free from the necessary-evil they were. However, it is not quite over yet; it never will be. You have now been saddled with the responsibility of making sure you never need braces again. It is now up to you to keep a straight smile after your braces. However, it is not as terrible of a task as it may seem. Here are some helpful pointers to help you ensure that your smile remains straight even after braces (or not?).

Wear your retainer for the stipulated time

When you had the braces taken out, you were given a retainer. If your dentist didn’t stress it well enough, it is possible you think that it is not that important. However, retainers are. As simple as the device looks, it is capable of undoing every progress you have made. If you do not use your retainers as they should be used, you are usurping all your achievements. However, you should know that they are various types of retainers. If yours is affecting you negatively, do not hesitate to discuss with your orthodontist. There are various types of retainers available and there is definitely one that would suit you.

Practice great dental hygiene all the time

You are no longer allowed to handle dental hygiene with levity. Ensure that you brush at least twice daily and rinse your mouth after every meal. In addition, floss daily. These habits are right and would keep your teeth in great shape. If you eat anything with high levels of sugar or that can stain your teeth, take a break to brush your teeth. Ensure you do not discard your emergency tooth care pack. If you do not have one, prepare one. It should contain a quality brush, standard toothpaste, and good floss. As it is a very small pack, it will not be a bother to move around with it.

Get regular check-up

Do not miss your scheduled visits to your dentist. That way, if there is any other issue, it will be noticed before any negative impact occurs. Be sure to give your dentist and orthodontist honest information; it is for your own good. If your retainer is broken, make sure you replace it. Take good care of your retainers. If they are not properly taken care of, retaining your teeth’s good looks is going to be rather hard to do.

Obey all instructions

All instructions that are given by your dentist/ orthodontist should be taken very seriously. For example, if you were given a nightguard, wear it as instructed. A night guard is a protector device to prevent grinding of gnashing of teeth as you sleep.



You’ll find that fixing up your teeth was the easy part. Maintaining it for the rest of your life is much more tasking. However, if you follow these tips, it won’t pose any problem at all for you. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, do not rely on online diagnosis but rather, schedule an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist.

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