The Kind Of Fragrance You Should Wear On A Date!

Dates are the best and the worst. If you are finally getting to spend some time with someone you think is really cute and nice, you are definitely excited about the possibilities. You could have a nice meal, watch a nice movie, and stare romantically into each other’s eyes. When you consider these things, you can feel the tiny bubble of excitement growing so large until you think of everything that could go wrong. “What if she doesn’t like me?” “What if I do something stupid and mess the whole date up?” If you are having these thoughts, the good news is that it is totally normal.

Research has proven time and time again that how we smell is one of the first things people notice about us. In elementary school, most of us went through that one activity when a strong-smelling substance was brought into the class and we smelled it before seeing it. The sense of smell is perhaps one of the strongest and most important senses. Do you know that consciously or unconsciously we associate smells we perceive to people? If you smell something really nice and new when you are with someone, you are likely to think of that person if you ever smell it again. In summary, how you smell is of extreme importance. You do not want your date holding her breath around you. A bad smell can ruin a nice personality.

Wrong Fragrance Could Mean Bad Smell Too

Contrary to what most people think, bad smells are not only natural; body odor is not the only culprit. That perfume you purchased may smell like everything bad in this world. This is why it is important that you use a perfume that is not only unique but is also suited for close body contact and your gender. If you haven’t placed much importance on perfume, you should because unconsciously or unconsciously, the person is going to notice and store it in their brains. The mind is powerful like that. Granted- picking out perfume is not exactly the easiest thing to do as sometimes, a perfume smells good after a light fizz but when sprayed even moderately on the body, it becomes awful.

Fragrance Recommendations For A Date

This brings us to the major question: What fragrance should I wear on a date? The answer to this question is not straight forward simply because each person is different and there are multiple perfumes that can match your personality. It isn’t easy to get the right perfume for you but it is easy to make a total and absolute blunder. Luckily, you do not have to. Here are five pointers you can use to pick out the right perfume.

1. Pick out a unique perfume

This is extremely important. It is quite boring to have someone be able to tell the scent you are wearing right away. Your scent should stun and impress. If you know it is too common, it means it is probably cheap and that is not something you will want to be branded as. Wear something unique that hints that your personality is unique.

2. Pick out a perfume that complements your personality

Not every perfume fits everyone. Some perfume scream practicality and confidence while some hint at sweetness, mildness, and calmness. Some have a summery and light aura to them while some have a flirtier aura. It all depends on your personality and the side of you that you are trying to present. In our list of the best perfumes for teenage girls, you will notice that each perfume has an aura to it. Go through the list and pick the one that speaks ‘you’ more. If you are a guy, the same goes for you. How you present yourself matters a lot. Go through our list if perfume and pick out the one that suits your aura and personality best.

3. Pick out a perfume that you can afford

You do not need to sell a kidney before you smell nice. For guys, there are a lot of great perfumes that can capture your personality. You simply have to pick right. Girls too can enjoy perfumes that bring out the beauty in their uniqueness without having to break the bank. It all depends on where you shop and what pointers you use.

4. Pick out a perfume that is non-pungent

Few things are worse than buying a perfume that chokes. With this type of perfume, the moment you spray a whiff or two, it doesn’t go away and it smells so thick and stuffy that people would need fresh air after an encounter with you. Whatever perfume you pick out must be easy on the nose and attractive.

How People Generally Respond To Fragrances

Boys tend to take things as little as wearing perfume for granted but girls do not. A guy may not even notice or comment on your perfume but his subconscious has it saved.  Men are simple creatures. Some people may confuse this for being unobservant but this is totally not true. 4 out of 5 guys notice how good you smell. Two out of them say it is the first thing they notice. The other one guy may not notice it. However, his brain does. This means that the next time he smells anything remotely similar, he will think of you. Girls are a different species. They will definitely notice whatever scent you wear or note if you have none on. If they give their friends any details of your date, your scent would definitely be a major discussion point.

Besides, even if a guy does not notice your perfume from afar, he will definitely notice it when he leans in to give you a hug or a peck. You do not want to have any doubts about how you smell wandering into your head at that time. Realize that the perfume you wear may not be the right one for you.

Final Words

Perfume, when used rightly, can complete your package and when used wrongly, can ruin it. Ensure you check our list of best perfumes for teenage guys and our list of best perfumes for teenage girls. As a bonus, they also make great gifts for that special someone.

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