30+ Modern Interior Ideas For Living Room


It gets really tough when you are moving into a new home or have a need to do a makeover of your home and then you go numb when it comes to design and overall layout of the interior. It happens. In fact, it is one of the toughest decisions one makes in life, because you get to live with whatever you choose, until you decide to move again or do another renovation.

Unless money grows on trees for you, renovating or moving to a new home is not something you want to do all the time. So, being ‘on point’ with interior choices is key to every homeowner.

This post will be divided into sections, each giving you modern & creative ideas for the interior of your house. We will keep updating the gallery on a periodic basis.

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For now, this post is focused on the living room since it makes up for a larger share of guests visibility and overall usage. We begin with chairs…
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Reclining Swivel Chair

Swivel chairs are mostly found in offices and business establishments. However, the comfort and flexibility they offer has made tons of homeowners adopt them for usage at home. Majorly, these types of chairs are recommended for home-owners who put good priority on working from home. The ergonomics and sturdiness in swivel chairs make performing daily tasks at home a smooth and comfortable thing to do.

Ideally, a swivel chair greatly supports the weight of the person sitting on it; with its base fitted with mechanisms that allow for height and depth adjustments as well as easy propelling to whatever position you want it to be.

The following are design ideas for reclining swivel chairs:


Sleeper Sofa Chair

Apparently, sleeper chairs have become a necessity of life. They have become useful in such that they can be placed anywhere in the house or even offices in fact. With so much stress haunting people these days, having to quickly take a break and relax is why sleeper sofa chairs were made. They are designed in such a way that fits whatever design your interior has and compliments whatever space is available too.

The following pictures show several styles of sleeper sofa chairs:


Tufted Leather Club Chair

Oh well, club chairs were originally intended for use in clubs; you know the usual gentlemen style. Today, we have the in homes and with the modern designs incorporated into them, they’re just another great addition to houses. Many call this a timeless piece of furniture since 90% of the time, it suggests sophistication. Usually, you would find many tufted leather club chairs in brown; hence, the overall accent of your entire furniture should carry colors that compliment the chair – usually, this would be carved pieces of wooden furniture like bookshelves, antique desks and others that give a classic feel. Tufted leather club chairs could also contribute well for a contemporary interior.


Faux Fur Butterfly Chair

More like an accessory, butterfly chairs are known to be kept at specific corners, where they can be used when required. Before now, people chose to fold them under the bed but these days; they have special corners in the living room or lounge, given them an added cool-classy look. Often times, they are handy when guests are coming to the house. Also butterfly chairs are great for kids to sit; especially when you have colorful ones. The faux fur variants are a great choice. See below:


Free Standing Hammock Chair

Time to go outdoor. Lovers of relaxation love the hammock! It feels great to walk out of the living room into a bright, cool space and then getting to sit in one of those (below). Sometimes, cradling into a deep good sleep in a cool weather is all we need for total relaxation.

It isn’t too surprising that modern homes now keep some of these in their living room these days. Ideally, we find them in living rooms that have an accent of transparent glasses and windows; and are exposed to brightness.


Oversized Comfy Chair

Something a little vintage but excellent! For people who still have a thing for the old-fashioned living room style. Find a design that suits the available space and color of the living room then everything is set. Be careful when selecting sizes though; they can be easy to disfigure a nice outlook.


Woven Leather Chair


Dining Table Chair Covers


Grey Chair Covers


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