How To Send A Direct Message (DM) on Instagram with PC

Instagram has been around for a few years and boasts billions of users world wide. It’s become the go-to app to share and discover. With Instagram, uploading images and videos, viewing amazing content, discovering amazing products and much more is extremely easy. Instagram is a favorite of all sorts of businesses.

Large scale and small scale businesses enjoy publicity among other things from the App. It brings producers closer to the consumers. And non-business account owners like you and I use instagram to while away time, combat boredom, share, discover and even use it as an everlasting photo album. We do this through our smartphones and even PC’s. It is amazing to note that they are capable of this and so much more.

However, I (and most likely you too) believe that Instagram was created to be an application for smart phones and not entirely for computers. Simply because there are some functions that are easily performed on our phones through the application and become confusing, extremely cumbersome or plain out impossible when using a computer. I mean, you can’t upload pictures or videos using your PC at all. Another one of such tasks happens to be sending DMs.

Okay for starters….


What Are DMs?

DM is an acronym for Direct Message. It simply means a message sent directly to a person’s inbox. The content could be anything from an ordinary message, to a picture or video. It could even be a link, hashtag or whatever. Although Instagram is not a social media platform mainly for chatting, it does that job just as good.

Sending a DM through a computer on Instagram could be tricky. The computer lay out is quite different from our smart phones but if you follow this set of instructions, “DMing” would be a piece of cake for you.

Steps to DM on Instagram with PC/Computer:

If you want to make use of your PC to send direct messages on Instagram, ensure that your PC is running Windows 10:

  • Download Instagram for Windows 10 you can get this from the Windows App Store 
  • Allow the program to install via the Windows Store app
  • When that is done, open your start menu, launch the newly installed Instagram app
  • Fill in your Instagram credentials (fancy language for your account username and password)
  • As usual, when you want to send someone a direct message, click on the Direct Message icon (the paper plan we are used to), type your message and hit the send button . To check your received DMs, navigate to the homescreen of the program, click on the usual DM icon and there you shall find all your conversations.

    *A little caveat on this though, if you have unread conversations, you will rather see a notification badge (a small circle with number count) other than the DM icon; so don’t freak out when you don’t find the DM icon. Haha


Sharing Images And Videos

Although you cannot upload videos or pictures from your PC (if you try to upload you will be given the prompt to choose contacts to share your upload with. It isn’t possible to share publicly), you can send them as direct messages. To send a picture or video as a DM, follow these steps

  • Launch Instagram
  • Find the camera button on the app and click on it (usually at the top-left)
  • You can take a selfie, video, boomerang loop and even add stickers!


And in case you’re wondering, you simply cannot send a picture or video saved in your PC. Instagram for PC can only allow you to send media taken the app alone. Unfortunately, unlike Facebook and Twitter, even if you want to make use of your PC for Instagram stuff, you still have to have a smartphone. However, Instagram is working to remedy this flaw. Sometime ago, none of these functions could be carried out at all with a computer. We should be happy we have something at least. lol

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