6 Terrible Perfume Blunders Committed By Teenagers

We all know just how important perfume is. It is one of the ways to attract positive attention and feel confident in your own skin. It generally gives you a good appearance and if you pick a really good perfume, it gives people something positive to remember about you. However, despite how positive perfume is, some people use it and end up giving themselves a lower appearance score than they had previously simply because they make one of the deadly perfume blunders. Here are the perfume blunders you must make sure you do not make.

1. Picking unsuitable perfume

One mistake people make is thinking every perfume goes. This is untrue which is why we have different scents. Perfumes often give hints on our personality. If I smelled someone wearing a perfume everyone wears, I’d assume he/ she was a common person with no diversity. Your perfume is one of the first things people notice about you and so you must pick it very carefully. Here are some of the best scents for male teenagers. If you are a female, here are some that would complement your personality.

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2. Spraying too much

Perfume is meant to be sprayed lightly. When you spray too much of it, you become toxic. A lot of people have extremely sensitive noses and can be caused serious discomfort by your over-usage. Do not spray too much perfume. Rather than appealing people, you will repel people. You may find it nice simply because it is on you. However, those smelling it will not share your sentiments. I cannot count how many times I have avoided persons simply because they smelled of too much perfume. No one wants to be choked to death by your Axe Body Spray. Unfortunately, there is not a generally correct amount to spray as perfumes are different. Simply be moderate or else, you’ll take our breaths away- literally

3. Using common perfume

If everyone knows it, you are better off staying away from it. Your perfume should be a cause for mystery so people have to come up to you and ask what scent you have on.

4. Masking up body odor in perfume

If you fry chicken wings in a dumpster what happens? Does the bad smell go away? No. Rather it just mixes up. If the chicken you are frying is much, the smell could get mixed up and create another smell that is pungent and if it isn’t much, the smell of the dumpster will overshadow it. Don’t cover; clean.

5. Mixing scents

No matter what you have read, do not do this. Do not use strong-smelling deodorant and strong perfume. Neither should you mix brands or flavors. One is always enough.

6. Not using perfume

A common blunder is not using any perfume. At best you have no odor at all and so, there is nothing nice about the way you smell which speaks boring on a lot of levels. At worst, you are like everyone else who smells a lilt as the day goes on due to perspiration. In this case, you torture everyone with how you smell; a situation that could have been remedied by simply picking out one of the best perfumes for teenage girls or one of the best for teenage boys. ALWAYS use perfume.

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