What Defines A Perfect Smile?

As simple as this question may sound to some, it is a widely asked one. Those who do not ask this question are probably those who are very outgoing and do not stop to think about what the world thinks about them but for us normal folks who tend to overthink everything, wondering about the perfect smile is very normal.

Examining What A Perfect Smile Is All About

If you are making a conscious effort to be less antisocial and more outgoing, you are definitely going to want to work on your smile. Spongebob and babies might get away with the wide, toothy grin but we both know we do not stand a chance with that. So for this reason, before putting this article together, extensive research was carried out on nothing else but smiles. In this post, you will not only get to know what exactly that perfect smile is like, but you will get tips on how to achieve it.

The perfect smile has the dimensions right

There are few things more unsettling than a smile that is too wide. Clowns have claimed that fad, and honestly, I think we should let them have it. If your smile is too wide, it looks fake, creepy, and unnatural; kinda how we imagine a serial killer. The perfect smile should not be wider than half of your face. Anything more is creepy and anything less feels unnatural.

The perfect smile is not too toothy

The perfect smiles show teeth but not too many. If you show too many teeth, it looks unnatural and out of proportion. Make sure you are showing your two upper central teeth; they should be on focus. However, they should not be pushed over the bottom lip.

The perfect smile reaches your eyes

If you have ever attempted to draw a smiley face with even the littlest of talent, you would know that the realness of the smile depends on the eyebrows which depend on the eyes. Your smile should not move only your lips but also your eyes. That way it looks welcoming and natural

The perfect smile shows clean teeth

If your teeth are brown or stained, you may have a harder time pulling your smile off. Practice good dental hygiene and visit a doctor if your teeth are too stained.  You can try out some home remedies such as brushing once a week with toothpaste and baking soda. Remember to floss daily as well. You do not want to smile with a lettuce leaf stuck between your teeth.

The perfect smile comes from the heart

Except you are a really good actor, you cannot act out a genuine smile. This is because it comes from the heart. When you are smiling naturally, you do not need to create emotion. A smile is usually a natural reaction. Do not be afraid to let your feelings show through your smile.

The perfect smile is confident

Although there are tips to help you smile better, you cannot pull it off except you are confident. Self-confidence plays a role in our interactions and our smile is not left out. Be confident.

#1 Barrier To Having A Perfect Smile

While one could have a good composure for smiling, there could be a drawback; and that is nothing else but poor dentition. How bad could it be? Very bad! We have covered extensively how you can deal with poor dentition even without the use of braces. Check it out!

With all things being equal, smiling properly should never be a problem for you. If you found this piece interesting, don’t forget to share.

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